BRYAN WILSON – 04.20.2023

Head coach Mitch Love talked about getting back on the ice as a group after a few days away from the rink.

“It was good today. It was good to be around the guys in a competitive setting.”

Love spoke on the mindset of the group as they prepare for Round 2.

“Our record: we have zero wins in the playoffs, that’s where we’re at. So that’s the focus for us. Whoever our opponent is, let’s make sure we’re honing in on our game and our conditioning here with practices and get ourselves ready for game one.”

Brett Sutter spoke about having Walker Duehr and Jakob Pelletier back in the fold.

“They’re obviously a big part of the team on the ice, but an even bigger part off the ice, so to get everyone back out there today and skating together was fun. We made a little noise out there and we’re starting to get that exciting emotion back.”

Sutter on the focus during the break.

“We’re going to focus on the group, getting guys back in the lineup this week and then next week we can start worrying about who we’re playing against.”

Matthew Phillips spoke of the feeling heading into the playoffs.

“Really excited, it’s what we’ve been working towards all season and we positioned ourselves well – super exciting, going to be fun here in Calgary.”

Phillips on finding balance during the first-round bye.

“A good combination of rest and preparation is important because once you get into the playoffs it’s go-go-go.”

Connor Zary on staying game ready.

“We were able to get a little rest for the last few days here. Today… back to work and back on the ice and get back to that grind.”

“It’s important for us to go out every day and simulate that work ethic in practice, that’s going to be huge for us.”